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Lomomatic 110 Review of the Perfect Camera for the Age of Imperfect Photos via Petapixel

Part of the magic of film is taking a photo and then not being able to see it for a few weeks. Hence, I was very excited to get my scans back from the photo lab but I may not have been prepared for just how lo-fi the images were.

Did someone say lo-fi? Images from 110 film speak to me in a special way. The photos I get are grainy, small, soft, and beautiful. I also love how you use a film cartridge that pops into the back. So satisfying.

Growing up in the 1980’s meant that these little rectangles were in every mom’s purse. So nostalgic.

My current 110 camera of choice is the Diana Baby, but this little 110 is calling my name. So broke.

James Clear via 3-2-1 Thursday

I split problems into two groups: muddy puddles and leaky ceilings.  Some problems are like muddy puddles. The way to clear a muddy puddle is to leave it alone. The more you mess with it, the muddier it becomes. Many of the problems I dream up when I'm overthinking or worrying or ruminating fall into this category. Is life really falling apart or am I just in a sour mood? Is this as hard as I'm making it or do I just need to go workout? Drink some water. Go for a walk. Get some sleep. Go do something else and give the puddle time to turn clear.  Other problems are like a leaky ceiling. Ignore a small leak and it will always widen. Relationship tension that goes unaddressed. Overspending that becomes a habit. One missed workout drifting into months of inactivity. Some problems multiply when left unattended. You need to intervene now.  Are you dealing with a leak or a puddle?

Olympics taster: Paris race celebrates the servers who nourish city’s life and soul via AP News

The resurrection of the waitering race after a 13-year hiatus is part of Paris’ efforts to bask in the Olympic spotlight and put its best foot forward for its first Summer Games in 100 years. The first waiters’ race was run in 1914. This time, a couple of hundred of servers dressed up in their uniforms — with the finest sporting bow ties — and loaded up their trays with the regulation pastry, small (but empty) coffee cup and full glass of water for the 2-kilometer (1 1/4-mile) loop starting and finishing at City Hall. Van Wymeersch, the runaway winner in the women’s category in 14 minutes, 12 seconds, started waitering at age 16, is now 34 and said she cannot envisage any other life for herself.

What a funny scene. Watching these waiters run around with cups on their serving trays doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing, but it’s been going on for years and people turn up. Better than scrolling TikTok, I guess.

Ricoh’s New GR III HDF and GR IIIx HDF Cameras Feature a Dreamy Filter via PetaPixel

Ricoh Imaging has announced a pair of new cameras, the Ricoh GR III HDF and GR IIIx HDF, that incorporate a newly developed highlight diffusion filter (HDF) to easily capture softer, dreamier photos. The special-effect filter diffuses highlight areas and generates a blurring effect around the edge of the image, which Ricoh promises makes it possible to “produce images resembling those captured in film photography or vintage movies.”

The only difference between these versions and the previous is the highlight diffuser, the removal of the ND filter, the shutter button is silver, and the function button turns the effect on and off.

This is not an upgrade I’m looking for. Click through to see example images. I’ll take the ND filter ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Are you going to sell your previous model and buy this?

Rare disorder causes man to see people's faces as 'demonic' via NBC News

Victor Sharrah had always had sharp vision. But one life-altering day in November 2020, he noticed out of the blue that people’s faces around him looked demonic. Their ears, noses and mouths were stretched back, and there were deep grooves in their foreheads, cheeks and chins.

I heard this story in the radio this morning and had to find the CGI this guy had created. Click through to see. How bizarre!

Park rangers warn that best practices when encountering a mountain lion are wildly different from those for brown bears via BBC

A recent mountain lion attack in California has left one hunter dead and another seriously injured. According to an El Dorado County Sheriff's Office statement, a teen called authorities early Saturday morning to report he and his 21-year-old brother were attacked while antler shed hunting. Authorities arrived on the scene and located the injured 18-year-old before finding the older brother, who was on the ground near the mountain lion. The Sherrif's Office reports their deputies shot in the air to scare away the mountain lion and rushed in to administer medical aid. However, they found the young man had succumbed to his injuries.

This is my worst nightmare. Add to it the fact that I can’t remember if you’re supposed to freeze, play dead, be loud, or stop-drop-and-roll. It’s all too much to remember. I guess I’ll stay indoors.

Social Media Uncovers Evidence Exposing Shohei Ohtani For Throwing Games As Part Of Betting Scandal via Total Pro Sports

An official inquiry has been launched by Major League Baseball into claims of theft and illicit gambling involving Los Angeles Dodgers player Shohei Ohtani and his former interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara. Not everybody is convinced that the interpreter did this and he just might be the fall guy in this situation. We now seem to have some damning evidence of Shohei Ohtani’s involvement in this scandal as there has now been a deep dive into his previous games.

What follows is a deep dive into bets that happened in Shohei’s hometown on the same day he had bad games. Smoke, meet fire.